Monday, April 26, 2010

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Today I have realized is the first day of the rest of my life. I am tired of living my life waiting for the coroner to tell me how I am doing. I can no longer excuse my situation with humor. My doctor told me that I needed to get into shape, I looked at him and asked "isn't round a shape?". Or how can I watch my weight if I don't keep it where I can see it? I have decided to live for some things that are important to me. I recently stood besides my Mother as her body released her spirit into eternity, I promised myself there that I would make the necessary changes in my life so that My wife and children will not have the same experience. I love my wife and have decided that the greatest thing that I can provide for her is a healthy 'ME'. She, along with my children are great motivators.
Months passed and I still only gave lip service to change. I started reading "The Culprit and the Cure" again, this time I listened. I have started exercising and really watching what I eat. Then my Doctor told me that the only way for me to increase my risks of early death is to take up smoking. I then made an appointment with a friend that has lost over 100 lbs and went to visit him. Accountability, Accountability, Accountability.. and did I mention Accountability? I needed to become accountable to more than myself with my pocket full of excuses. I have started using Loseit on my iPod but felt I needed a bigger presence, so here I am..
I weigh 259 lbs. I am 5'11" tall. I have a job that provides a lot of benefits, but little exercise. So I have to find opportunities to get my heart rate up. I have committed to updating this blog at least once a week.